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Distributed ledger technologies, such as blockchain, are ideal for capital markets, offering frictionless exchange and a secure way to record and audit transactions without the involvement of a central authority or third-party mediator. Historically, these markets have progressed using permission-based (closed) distributed ledgers. Today, however, the benefits of permissionless (open) blockchains are increasingly recognised.

The challenge.

While permissionless blockchains liberate the capital markets by allowing any party to participate, they also introduce a problem: how can these different blockchain infrastructure be connected, maintaining privacy and compliance – without losing the benefits, such as speed and anonymity, that distributed technology brings in the first place?

The solution.

Quant provides an answer. And not sometime in the future, but now. Our tokenisation technology, already being used for applications such as the tokenisation of fund yields, provides full and seamless interoperability at scale, between both permissioned and permissionless blockchains, while maintaining privacy and compliance – all without overheads. We facilitate:

  • Asset tokensiation and fractionalisation
  • Bond issuance

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