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Blockchain is revolutionising the financial world: speeding up systems, enhancing security, eliminating middlemen and empowering people. At the same time, its very nature – distributed and anonymous – can make it a breeding ground for criminality and fraud. Authorities and other regulatory bodies need the tools track transactions and identify those who operate outside the law.

The challenge

The very reason that blockchain attracts criminality is the reason why it is hard to regulate. Its decentralised nature provides a robust shelter for law-breakers, and discourages authorities from implementing the technology in areas where it could deliver major benefits in terms of cost, speed and security.

The solution

We offer tools to help tax authorities, regulatory bodies and other agencies understand and analyse multi-DLT transaction patterns quickly and easily. They bring complete transparency to transaction histories across all in-scope DLTs (typically Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, but many others are supported) and can be easily integrated into existing workflows. We facilitate investigations into:

  • Fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Proceeds of crime
  • Tax evasion

Building blocks

Our solutions for compliance are built using our patent-pending products:

Explore the future

Blockchains and programmeable money will enhance compliance with regulation. Find out why.

Interoperability solved

Reduce costs and access wider markets by deploying any app on any blockchain. That’s the power of our single, standard, multi-chain API.

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Develop on Overledger without specialist
blockchain knowledge.

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Led by an experienced team from large corporate, financial and regulatory institutions, we enable existing financial infrastructure to operate with new decentralised networks.

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With our blockchain-agnostic approach, your existing infrastructure investments are protected. And the door is open to future cross-platform applications.

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