Gilbert Verdian tells Oracle’s Whitney Durmick, “we’re making the benefits of blockchain accessible to everyone.”

Our CEO Gilbert Verdian is featured in this week’s episode of Oracle For Startups, a showcase for founders and innovators. 

Explaining the origins of Quant and why he helped create the ISO standard for blockchain, Gilbert says “people were building the technology in isolation and that isn’t the way to do it for mainstream adoption. So, I started to look at how to interconnect all these siloed blockchains.” 

Gilbert goes on to discuss our work with LACChain and the Inter-American Development Bank on the creation of a Latin American Dollar and how consumers worldwide will ultimately benefit from blockchain: the ability to roam with one’s money across borders and to “programme” how it is used. 

Finally, Gilbert describes the close partnership Quant enjoys with Oracle: how we graduated from the company’s startup programme and the impact of having Overledger – the world’s first blockchain-agnostic API gateway – certified by Oracle for use with Oracle Blockchain

The future of blockchain, Gilbert concludes, is “integrated and ubiquitous.” 

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The future of blockchain is integrated and ubiquitous.

Gilbert Verdian
Founder and CEO
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