Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event, takes place in Amsterdam from 10-13 October 2022. In anticipation, we have written a guide to the conference which this year puts digital assets very much at centre stage. Download your free copy below.

Although something of an anachronism to the upstarts aiming to blaze a path in the established world of banking, to those of us who started our careers at financial institutions, Sibos retains its crown as the most important event of the year.

Sibos is where global banks, market infrastructures, large corporates, governments, regulators, and investment firms – as well as the fintechs that serve them and the journalists and analysts who cover them – convene in the name of (as SWIFT, the event’s hosts used to say) ‘advancing critical dialogue’. And this year, as decentralised finance makes tangible inroads into the world of traditional finance, that dialogue feels more critical than ever.

That’s why Quant’s senior team will be in Amsterdam for the conference – meeting clients, talking with partners, and adding our voice to the conversation that must drive our industry forward. But with more than 150 sessions, 250 speakers and eight stages, Sibos can seem a daunting sea to navigate. We’re here to help steer the ship.

This year, the conference is preoccupied with the enormous benefits digital transformation can bring to the financial sector – as well as the hurdles we face to realise them. With topics like distributed ledger technology, tokenisation of assets, and digital currencies looming large over many of the sessions, it’s clear that the industry is aware of the enormous promise in our digital future: reduced costs, greater efficiencies, but also increased controls and new revenues – as swathes of previously under-served customers are empowered, and the very nature of money is redefined.

In our guide to the conference, we’ve not only highlighted the most promising sessions but have also shared our thoughts on the important themes, while asking some vital questions we hope the speakers will tackle.

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“The industry is aware of the enormous promise in our digital future, as swathes of previously under-served customers are empowered and the very nature of money is redefined.”

Andrew Carrier
Chief Marketing Officer
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