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The DLT market was valued at $3.0bn in 2020 and is expected to grow to $39.7bn by 2025. Why? Because it has the potential to deliver immense benefits for enterprises across almost any industry. New revenue streams are being created, costs cut, and risks mitigated.


DLT market valued in 2020


DLT market value forecast for 2025


Central banks across the world are investigating the adoption of digital currencies, while commercial banks are issuing their own stablecoins – often to great acclaim.


Payments – whether in digital currencies or fiat currency – are more flexible and secure when handled over blockchain. With blockchain, you can send and receive digital payments, set up payment and collection processes such as crowdfunding, then automatically push the funds to an exchange to be converted into fiat currency.

Supply chain and trade finance

Blockchains are bringing clarity and certainty to areas such as procurement, logistics, provenance, customs and payments – helping to make notoriously complex global supply chains greatly more efficient.

Capital markets

Assets of all kinds – both physical and digital – are being tokenised. Issuers are gaining access to entire new pools of liquidity, while investors are diversifying their portfolios in ways they could only dream of just a few years ago.


While blockchain has attracted some cynical press coverage, the truth is that it can make the analysis of transaction patterns easier for tax authorities, regulatory bodies and other agencies. It can be used to simplify self declarations, enforcement or anti money laundering operations.

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