Where can I find information about Quant?

This website together with our customer portal, Quant Connect, is the best source of information on all things Quant.

We maintain a Twitter handle and a LinkedIn page from which we point people to information available on our website. We also have a dedicated Twitter handle for registered Quant developers via which we share technical information and respond to queries.

Any information you might read about Quant on any other channel is neither official nor approved by Quant.

What happened to the Quant Medium, YouTube and Vimeo channels?

In 2022, we rationalised our communications channels to make our website the single source of information about Quant.

What is the best way for me to contact Quant?

Where are your offices?

We are headquartered in central London, with a presence in Los Angeles.

Is Quant a blockchain?

No, we’re a blockchain solutions provider.

Our technology platform, Overledger, is a chain-agnostic layer that sits over the blockchain ledgers. Its name says it all: Over-ledger.


Which blockchains do you support?

As pioneers in blockchain interoperability, we add new networks to Overledger on a regular basis.

To see the latest list of supported networks, visit the Overledger page >

Can Overledger connect to any blockchain?

Yes. If you would like to connect to a blockchain not currently supported, contact us >

Which blockchains does Overledger connect via bridges?

Overledger can connect you to public or private chains securely and easily. To learn more about the currently supported networks, visit our page about Overledger bridges, or contact us >

How do Overledger bridges work?

Our bridges have been developed with the most advanced secure protocols and use a ‘burn & mint’ technique, which instantly creates new smart contracts on the destination chain and securely transfers your assets without holding them in escrow, reducing the risk of your assets being the target of malicious attacks.

With Overledger Platform, creating a bridge couldn’t be simpler. Our bridge flow allows you to bridge Flex and Vari smart tokens in minutes and securely. Learn more >

Why do I need a bridge?

After you create your smart tokens on Overledger, you may want to transfer your asset between two different blockchains. The bridge is your secure connection to do just that.

Are Overledger bridges secure?

We only bring you innovation we can be proud of, Overledger bridges have been developed with the latest, strongest secure protocols and are constantly tested for vulnerabilities. We invite you to read our latest blog about secure bridges and our work with the IETF to create a secure protocol for the industry.

Can I bridge my existing tokens with Overledger?

No, Overledger Flex and Vari tokens are ready to become fully interoperable via one of our bridges.

Read more about bridging with Overledger here >

What is Quant Connect?

Connect is our user portal, giving you access to all of Overledger’s features and flows, network settings, access keys and other account management needs.

Log in or register here >

How much does Overledger cost?

To find out about the pricing options for Overledger via Quant Connect, visit our pricing page >

To discuss running a dedicated version of Overledger or if you need bespoke services for a project, please contact us >

Does Overledger integrate with other systems?

We support all major networks and offer our language-agnostic REST APIs (decoding 12 different coding languages), which are simple to incorporate into any existing system that works with APIs.

What support is available?

Support levels and service level agreements vary according to which plan you choose.

To find out more, visit our plans page >

What does QRC mean?

QRC is the term we use for our chain-agnostic, secure, smart contracts.

How do platform credits work?

Within Overledger, each action (e.g. API call, smart contract deployment) you carry out uses whole or part credits when executed. These credits are then billed to you at the end of the month (or if you have pre-purchased, taken from your total), and this is how we calculate platform usage costs.

Credit prices are dependent on your plan and usage, with volume discounts available. We also allocate a generous number of free credits to trial users to explore Overledger.

What does fungible mean?

A fungible asset is one that can be traded or exchanged for other units of itself; examples of this are money and company shares. They’re also equal in value—one dollar is always worth another dollar and a share of a company is always equal to another share of the same company.

What does non-fungible mean?

Non-fungible is the opposite of fungible; a non-fungible item is unique and cannot be replaced, like artwork, a specific car, a house or even a plane ticket.

What is a smart contract?

In simple terms, a smart contract is a pre-programmed set of rules and functions that live in the blockchain that is activated with transactions.

How can I sign up to Overledger?

To create an account and get started with a free trial, click here >

If you are ready to connect to mainnets, contact us to choose your tier.

What are Overledger flows?

Our mission is to empower everyone to build on blockchain and that is why we have created these wizard-like UIs that take your inputs and deliver smart tokens and secure bridges that carry our DNA – in minutes and without a single line of coding.

What types of smart tokens can I issue via Overledger?

Quant smart tokens are based on ERC standards and are chain-agnostic now and in the future. Our team of experts has written our smart contracts and regularly test them via external auditors. There are three types of Quant smart tokens: Base (fungible), Flex (fungible) and Vari (non-fungible).

What are digital assets?

They are either digital representations of real-world value (property, equities, for example) or natively digital value, such as currency or digital artwork.

Who is Overledger for?

We built Overledger for financial institutions, SMEs and developers who want to enter the world of blockchain in a simple, secure, trusted and future-proof way. We based its enterprise-grade design and functionality on removing unnecessary complexity, embedding interoperability, and adapting to wherever the blockchain economy goes.

How does Overledger work?

Overledger was built on Quant’s pioneering technology to deliver a simple product via SaaS, which you can use via Quant Connect. And whenever we launch new functionality and more industry breakthroughs, you benefit immediately.

What are the primary use cases?

To find out more, open a free trial account today >

In what way is Overledger secure?

Trust is an element of our DNA, and our senior team have over 20 years of experience in designing national critical systems in payments, energy, and security for major organisations, including governments. Overledger doesn’t store data or information but works as an abstraction platform that orchestrates interactions between various ledgers. All the data is secured at the source, so it cannot be accessed or manipulated. And we don’t hold private keys.

What are mDApps?

Another Quant innovation, mDApps are applications that are cross-platform, multi-DLT, and no longer bound to any single blockchain.

Can I have a trial of Authorise?

You can have a limited trial of Authorise by contacting us here >

How much does Overledger Authorise cost?

Please contact us for a bespoke quote based on your business needs here >

Do I need a licence for Overledger to implement Authorise?

Yes, you need an active Overledger license to run Authorise, as both technologies act in partnership to sign and send transactions to the underlying blockchains. If you don’t currently have an Overledger licence, we can set one up for you as part of buying Authorise. Contact us here >

Do I need my own version of Authorise or can I use Quant’s?

For production environments and mainnets you must host your own version of Authorise. We can offer set up and configuration support if required.

How does Quant guarantee the safety of keys generated by Authorise?

We don’t hold users’ keys in our systems; rather offer the technology for keys to be generated and stored at your chosen proprietary or third-party vault.

My account

How can I subscribe for Overledger?

You can choose to access Overledger as a pay-as-you-go customer on a monthly basis, or start an annual or monthly subscription.

How much does an Overledger bridge cost?

If you have an active subscription for Overledger Platform, you can build and deploy your bridge in minutes and continue using it for the duration of your subscription. Each bridge is priced in platform credits.

For more information about our pricing, please click here >

If you have a specific use case in mind, visit our Projects page or talk to us >

Can I select which blockchains I want in my plan?

Yes, you can select from the blockchains we support via Quant Connect >

If you would like a custom connection or a new chain added, please contact us >

Can I add more blockchains to my plan?

The number of blockchains available in your subscription is described in the plan of choice. You can always contact us to upgrade to a higher plan and take advantage of more chains and enhanced support.

How do I buy Overledger platform credits?

Only platform subscription customers can benefit from credit packages, saving money and having more clarity on their spending. Once in a subscription, you can pre-purchase one of three packages or request one tailored to your business.

Can I top up my credits once I run out?

When you start a free trial, you have a generous number of credits to test within 60 days. Once your trial credits run out, you might be able to extend your trial by contacting us > or via your Quant Connect dashboard.

Are unused credits carried over?

In a subscription model, pre-purchased credit bundles can be amended annually at the contract renewal, but we will not automatically roll over unused credits into the new annual subscription. If you have unused credits and are looking to renew, please contact us or speak to your account manager to discuss the best option.

How can I pay for my subscription? What currencies do you accept?

We accept payment in GBP, USD and EUR, as well as QNT. All prices are displayed in USD.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes. Either as a pay-as-you-go or a monthly subscription customer, your platform fee and credit balance will be due monthly. (Your platform fee is paid in advance, credits in arrears).

If you are a pay-as-you-go customer, your monthly credit use is billed at the end of each month.

If you are a subscription customer, you can benefit from pre-purchasing credit bundles at a discount. When these run out, you are charged in the same way as a pay-as-you-go customer.

How can I upgrade my plan?

From Quant Connect, navigate to the upgrade button to discover your options.

If you prefer, speak to your account manager or contact us >

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are on a pay-as-you-go subscription, you need to cancel within 14 days of your next month’s start date, though you will still be charged for any usage. We do not offer cancellations on active plans.

Utility tokens

What is the purpose of the QNT token?

QNT is a utility token. It is used as a form of payment for Quant services – most notably as a way for Overledger users to pay their fees as explained here >

Every developer and customer has to purchase a licence and can also pay for transactions in QNT.

Would you like to list the QNT token on my crypto exchange?

Thank you but we have no interest in promoting our token as a cryptocurrency. It is a utility token for the Quant ecosystem. It is used as a form of payment for Quant services – most notably as a way for Overledger users to pay their fees as explained here >

Why don’t you provide more information about the QNT token?

We are building enterprise-grade products and solutions aimed at financial institutions, governments, corporates – and the partners and developers who support them. The QNT token is an integral part of our platform – used most notably to pay for software licences and sending transactions – but it’s not the focus of our efforts.

If you would like to make the best use of the token and contribute to the ecosystem we encourage you to develop on Overledger and use any of our APIs. To do so, please sign up on Quant Connect where you’ll find extensive information about our products and how they work – including how our utility token is used.

If not, to ensure you receive all of our updates in a timely manner, please subscribe to our emails or follow us on Twitter.

Build the blockchain economy.