Our vision

We’re working towards an empowered, interconnected world.

Our values

Our team shares deep expertise in finance and technology but what unites us is our beliefs.


We love a challenge and have little respect for the status quo. Experience has taught us that problems are a matter of perspective and that, with new ideas and a fresh way of looking at things, solutions – more often than not – present themselves.


The scale of a task won’t deter us when we believe it will take us closer to our vision. Every problem is an opportunity. Every obstacle, the chance to take a calculated risk and question assumptions. In short, we’re not afraid to think big.


Fundamental to a prosperous economy, trust also lies at the heart of our company. Indeed, we believe it is the bedrock of a healthy society committed to equality and fairness. We trust each other, we engineer trust into our solutions, and we work hard every day to earn the trust of our clients and partners.


We remain open-minded, objective and flexible at all times. When the facts change, so does our approach. We embrace that agility and encourage all those we work with to do the same.


We’re respectful of the ideas and perspectives of others, we celebrate peoples’ difference and recognise the achievements of others. We hold the needs and health of our environment dear. And we have no tolerance for bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Why Quant?

We make blockchain simple, trusted and future-proof.

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