Following on from the April release, today we launch the Full Release of Overledger 2.0, providing interoperability to Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Mainnets.

This update delivers the significant functionalities that were shared in the Preview Release for use on Mainnets, alongside the exciting new features that have been developed:

  • New API – The new Overledger API has been transformed into “One API for everything”, bridging the global ecosystems of DLTs and APIs
  • Standardised – Based on ISO TC/307 providing simple and standard interface to access all supported DLTs and Blockchains 
  • Secure and Scalable – Implemented OAuth federated authentication standards, enabling single sign-on for enterprise customers and implemented scalability and resilience updates for cloud infrastructure

Our new approach for Overledger works as a “Universal Translator” for enterprise and community developers and users benefiting from using a simple and standard interface to access all supported DLTs.

For more details, see below our guides:

Release notes V2.0
Developer Guide for the UI V2.0
Developer Guide for Remote Connector Gateways V2.0

Find out more and get started today by visiting:

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