The ability to pay licenses in QNT and support for SegWit V1.0 are among the four major enhancements in Overledger 2.1.4

Enhancements in this latest release of Overledger include:

1. Auto prepare and execute Smart Contract query

As part of improving user experience for mDApp developers, Overledger’s “Auto prepare and execute” functionality has been extended to Smart Contract queries and UTXO searches. Overledger will prepare and automatically execute a search on the requested DLT and return information to the mDApp without an additional execute call being required.

The Auto Prepare and Execute model now supports:

(a) Smart Contract query:  
Sandbox: POST
Production: POST
API documentation is here

(b) UTXO search:  
Sandbox: POST
Production: POST
API documentation is here

2. Scalability – DLN Data Validation

Horizontal scalability of Overledger’s translation layer has been further increased by moving some of the data validation logic further down the application stack.

3. License fee backend implementation

Licenses can now be paid in QNT using a Metamask integration with the Overledger UI. Corresponding front end functionality is planned for an upcoming release.

4. Bitcoin address enhancement

In preparation for a Bitcoin Node upgrade, Overledger now supports SegWit version 1.0 (or higher) addresses.

For more details, see the full release notes: Release notes 2.1.4
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