Overledger 2.1.5 enables licence fees

Among the enhancements to the latest version of Overledger is the ability to pay licences in QNT.

1. Ability to pay Overledger licence fees in QNT

From 15 December 2021, developers wanting to access MainNet via Overledger will be required to pay an annual licence fee (£100). This can now be paid in QNT, using Metamask. Existing users will have free access to Overledger (MainNet) until 15 March 2022, after which the annual fee will be required.

User documentation can be found here 

2. Backend functionality for token issuance

Developers will be able use Overledger’s API to choose which QRC20 functions they want to include in a Smart Contract, and DLT fees can be paid using Metamask.
QRC20 is the new multi-DLT standard for digital assets developed by Quant. Its purpose is to unlock single-DLT limitations for new digital assets and tokens.
User documentation can be found here

For more details, see the full release notes: Release Notes 2.1.5
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