This release supports interactions with Hyperledger Fabric in a sandbox environment.  

This release connects Overledger to Hyperledger Fabric, an enterprise-grade, permissioned blockchain platform. Now, Overledger users can interact with a dedicated Hyperledger Fabric network in a sandbox environment and use Overledger APIs to submit transactions and perform block searches. 

Hyperledger Fabric is intended as a foundation for developing applications and solutions with a modular architecture. It has a versatile design that suits a wide range of industry use cases, especially in supply chain management and financial services. The platform is notable for its unique approach to consensus that enables performance at scale whilst preserving privacy.  

Quant uses AWS Managed Blockchain services to host our Hyperledger Fabric sandbox network.  

This release also contains a use case for a customer loyalty programme. For this, we have deployed extended versions of QRC-20 tier-one smart contracts and QRC-721 tier-one smart contracts for NFTs in the sandbox environment. Users can submit transactions using an appropriate QRC token for loyalty and flight rewards. 

Full release notes can be found here.

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