This release deploys the first version of Tokenise, Quant’s new tokenisation product, and provides connectivity with XDC mainnet and Bitcoin v.23.

Release 2.2.9 introduces the beta phase of Overledger Tokenise, Quant’s premium API for creating and deploying the next generation of interoperable tokens and digital assets onto the Ethereum, Polygon and XDC mainnets. This release also supports XDC network mainnet, a hybrid network designed for enterprise use, and connects the Bitcoin network to v.23. We will further enhance Tokenise later this year by adding new capabilities for QRC20 tokens and other digital assets.

Overledger Tokenise – beta launch
Tokenise empowers users to create and deploy interoperable QRC20 tokens and digital assets onto mainnets. These QRC20 tokens have built-in, backwards compatibility with legacy ERC20 tokens, without the need for additional coding.

After tokens are deployed, Tokenise APIs can be used in mDApps to perform advanced and innovative functions to support a wide range of use cases, including making blockchain-based payments, creating tokenised money, digitising equities, and developing interoperable NFTs. Anything is possible with this new generation of interoperable digital assets that are crucial to powering blockchain and digital asset ecosystems.

Users can interact with Tokenise through a new easy-to-use UI, called Quant Connect, to deploy and view their tokens and digital assets. Overledger remains the UI for registering mDApps and generating client IDs. Current users of Overledger can simply log into Quant Connect using their existing credentials without the need to create a new account or migrate their data.

API support for XDC Apothem mainnet
XDC Network is a hybrid network designed for enterprise use and known for its focus on security, high transaction speeds, and low carbon footprint. It runs on a delegated proof-of-stake network and has low transaction fees.

All Ethereum-based functions in Overledger are available on XDC Apothem mainnet, such as searching for a transaction, monitoring activity on an address, and smart-contract invoke.

Bitcoin v.23 upgrade
This upgrade includes updated translations on specific fields. There is no impact on the APIs. All functions in Overledger relevant to Bitcoin work as they did previously.

Full release notes can be found here.

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“Tokenise empowers users to create and deploy interoperable QRC20 tokens and digital assets onto mainnets.”

Peter Marirosans
Head of Technology Solutions
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