“Blockchain interoperability will transform global payments systems,” says Gilbert Verdian. Our CEO Gilbert Verdian is profiled in this week’s issue of Digital Rubicon, a newsletter written by former HedgeWeek and Private Equity Wire managing editor James Williams that explores how digitisation trends are shaping the world of private market investing.

Gilbert recounts the origins of Quant, how he helped establish the Blockchain ISO Standard TC307 in 2015, and why ultimately he believes it’s blockchain interoperability that will transform global payment systems. He tells James: “Blockchain allows you to safely trust the networks, the cryptography, the scalability and the resilience to run monetary transactions on a better network. The next iteration, or evolution of these DLT-based networks, is going to be the one that runs the world’s transactions globally.”

Visit Digital Rubicon to read the full interview.

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Blockchain interoperability will transform global payments systems.

Gilbert Verdian
Founder and CEO
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