This next release for the Overledger 2.0 platform expands the functionality available to multi-DLT applications.

Multi-DLT applications (mDApps) are faster and simpler to create with the Overledger 2.0 API and now include these additional extensions: 

  • Native DLT Transactions allow advanced DLT developers to send native transactions through the Overledger UI for total flexibility.
  • Monitor events on addresses and smart contracts across different DLTs using our standardised API.  
  • Subscriptions allow developers to get real time updates on the monitors they set up to a call-back URL, and to pause/restart their subscriptions. 
  • Application Transaction Query allow developers to retrieve a list of transactions their application made using Overledger and zoom in on a particular transaction to obtain more detailed information.

For more details, see the full release notes below:
Release notes V2.0.1

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