Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 12 framework to offer Overledger as a cloud software.

Quant Network is delighted to have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CSS) G-Cloud 12 framework.

Crown Commercial Service supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. In 2019/20, CCS helped the public sector to achieve commercial benefits worth over £1bn – supporting world-class public services that offer best value for taxpayers.

The G-Cloud framework allows public sector customers to buy commoditised cloud-based solutions through a framework that is compliant and regularly refreshed allowing CCS to provide our customers with up-to-date innovative solutions. All services within this framework are visible within the online catalogue, The Digital Marketplace.

From today, all the UK government will have access to Quant’s powerful technology that helps enterprises, governments, and individuals to unlock the true value of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs).

Overledger is the world’s leading operating system to deliver universal DLT interoperability. By delivering secure, simple and cost-effective integration of systems, networks and DLTs, without the need for new infrastructure or introducing bottlenecks, Overledger OS enables fast, easy deployment of solutions.

We look forward to further engaging the rest of the Government and helping solve complex challenges with DLTs and our interoperability technology.

To find out more, please get in touch via: Digital Marketplace

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