Released: 16 August 2023

What’s new

Today, we are releasing Overledger’s integration of Sepolia, the Ethereum testnet.

Due to the Goerli’s (Görli) testnet approaching retirement at the end of 2023, Sepolia emerges as its natural successor.
We believe this new network will enhance stability, accelerate transaction times and offer a more sustainable token distribution system to Overledger users.

What this means for you

With the integration of Sepolia, you are now equipped with a more reliable testnet network. This allows you to confidently deploy your Quant smart tokens and develop Ethereum-compatible applications, all through the familiar interface of Overledger’s API functions.

How you can benefit

Sepolia supports all Ethereum-based functionalities of Overledger. This means you can submit transactions, interoperable fungible (Base and Flex) and non-fungible (Vari) tokens, and create bridges and bridge tokens from Sepolia to other EVM-based networks.


To use Sepolia testnet with our APIs, provide the following location in your request:


“technology”: “Ethereum “,

“network”: ” Ethereum Sepolia Testnet “



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