Real-world asset tokenisation or digital asset creation is one of the most significant growth areas in finance as companies seek new ways to increase efficiency and open new markets. A tokenised reality would enable a more transparent, easier to manage, more secure, faster, and less costly financial system with the potential for reduced systemic risk.

The problem is that securing high-quality tokenisation is complex, and a single vulnerability can result in millions in losses for the token issuer. Creating a truly secure smart contract, then auditing and verifying it properly before finally deploying it across blockchains, requires a deep understanding of smart contracts in addition to time and investment.

That is where Overledger comes in.

Through our patent-pending technology and experience working with
prominent institutions, we created a low-code yet sophisticated tokenisation engine so that you can:

Increase liquidity

by reaching new ecosystems.

Open new capital pools

by offering fractionalised assets and lowering entry capital requirements.

Improve efficiency

by leveraging fast settlement, automation, and traceability.


This is the power of Overledger token flow,
letting you create institutional-grade tokens
that will interact on the chain of your choice now
and in the future, in minutes and without coding.

Experience bridging with Overledger.

smart contracts,

We ensure the extra security of our smart tokens
by expertly crafting smart contracts and validating
them externally.

In any case,
on any chain.

Robust security doesn’t mean you are limited.
Quite the opposite, Overledger offers you smart tokens that can power multiple use cases:

  • Digital currencies
    • CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies)
    • Currency trials and deployment
  • Payments
    • Cross border payments
    • Next-generation payment systems
  • Capital market
    • Alternative asset digitisation
    • Carbon credits and certificates
    • Commercial bank tokenised deposits
    • Fund tokenisation
  • Supply chain
    • Supply chain monitoring


Learn how we connected a continent with Overledger tokenisation.

Not all tokens are created equal.

We strive to build innovations true to our DNA, be it a product or a feature. It’s no different with our smart tokens.

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Find out about the many use cases for tokenisation.

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