Revolutionising the payments landscape

Distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, has enormous potential to change the payments landscape. One example is its ability to deliver international payment processing services without the need for intermediaries such as correspondent banks and clearing houses. The result is faster, more secure payments at lower cost.

The challenge

Despite the advances in blockchain technology over recent years, some challenges still remain before it will gain mass acceptance. Today, blockchain-based payment solutions lack the necessary levels of interoperability, scalability and ease of implementation required to be truly viable for most multinational or global applications.

The solution

Quant’s unique DLT-based payment solution successfully addresses all these issues and is currently being deployed in international projects such as LACChain. Designed to integrate, and operate, with all other ecosystems, it is a solution which makes the benefits of tomorrow’s payment systems easily accessible today. We facilitate:

  • Crypto payment acceptance
  • Stablecoin payment acceptance
  • Micro payments

Building blocks

Our solutions for payments are built using our patent-pending products:

Explore the future

Payments are faster, more secure and lower cost using blockchain. Find out why.

Interoperability solved

Reduce costs and access wider markets by deploying any app on any blockchain. That’s the power of our single, standard, multi-chain API.

Developers unleashed

Develop on Overledger without specialist
blockchain knowledge.

Built for enterprises

Led by an experienced team from large corporate, financial and regulatory institutions, we enable existing financial infrastructure to operate with new decentralised networks.

Designed for the future

With our blockchain-agnostic approach, your existing infrastructure investments are protected. And the door is open to future cross-platform applications.

The future of finance. Today.