Our CEO Gilbert Verdian reflects on 2021’s achievements and looks ahead to significant plans for next year and beyond.

As I look back at this year full of exciting steps closer to our goal of unlocking the power of blockchain for everyone, I realise that our successes come from a fertile combination of experienced people, breakthrough technology and global collaboration. 


Our amazing team has grown by 43%. Adding even more experienced and talented business, product, and engineering specialists to our business units and supported by world-class operations professionals in functions like HR, legal and marketing.

I rely on a team of seasoned executives with financial and technology corporate backgrounds and we’re fortunate to be guided by a strong Board – including Neil Smit, Vice Chairman of Comcast.


Development on our suite of solutions, products and networks continued apace this year. In January, we launched Overledger 1.5, taking us into full live production. Then in May, we announced the full release of version 2.0, working as a Universal Translator for enterprise and enabling our community of developers and users to benefit from using a simple and standard interface to access all supported DLTs – including Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin Mainnets. We set the standard in blockchain technology, rapidly releasing updates and milestones every 2 weeks which is attune to capable companies like Google.

This was followed in September by the 2021 technology milestone I’m most proud of: the launch of Overledger Network. Since launching our testbed network in 2020, we have listened to our community and taken on board their recommendations. As a result, we created an architecture that’s more robust, scalable, and user friendly.


We are fortunate to work with some of the most accomplished and well connected partners in the financial industry. Our joining the Digital Pound Foundation this year is a case in point. We share the foundation’s conviction that a digital Pound will be the first step in creating a digital infrastructure that will underpin the next generation of the UK’s economy and society.

Our belief in the power of central bank digital currencies was also the drive behind our partnership with regulated trading platform LCX announced in April. By collaborating on research and development and integrating our respective technologies, we expect to make significant strides toward the implementation and settlement of CBDCs.

Another hugely promising partnership is the work we began with LACChain, a global alliance led by the Inter-American Development Bank’s IDB Lab. By providing secure and seamless interoperability, we’re supporting LACChain in driving the growth and development of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean. And – just last month – our work with Oracle culminated in Overledger being certified to deliver interoperability for the Oracle Blockchain Platform. We’re now collaborating closely to roll out cross-ledger production-ready solutions for clients and sectors.

Plans for 2022

Next year promises to be just as busy as 2021. We have exciting plans that I’m looking forward to sharing with you. They include broadening our suite of solutions, bolstering our product and network layers and forging some new partnerships with enormous potential.

Thank you

Neither the future we envision nor the milestones we have already achieved would be possible without some truly remarkable people. So, I’d like to conclude by thanking the team here at Quant who show up every day with a fierce determination to deliver extraordinary work, the growing army of clever, innovative developers building solutions of their own on our network, and finally the partners helping us unlock the power of blockchain for financial institutions and large companies worldwide.

We’ve achieved a great deal, and yet I feel we’re only just getting started…

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“Our successes come from a fertile combination of experienced people, breakthrough technology and global collaboration.”

Gilbert Verdian
Founder and CEO
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