Distributed Ledger Networks (DLNs) don’t exist in silos. Increasingly, they need to be connected to legacy systems, distributed filestores and other DLNs.

The future of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is interoperability. But at the moment, most DLT implementations don’t work together, presenting a huge barrier to adoption.  

To bridge this gap, the World Economic Forum has proposed three DLT interoperability categorisations. In our white paper, ‘DLT interoperability – what are the options?’, we look at each of these categories and compare them by focusing on features such as resilience, decentralisation and user experience. We explain why we think that the API gateway categorisation is the best approach, and why Quant’s Overledger is the leading solution in this category.

Find out about the three main DLT interoperability categorisations by downloading our report below.

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“Quant’s Overledger is the pre-eminent instance of API gateway categorisation.”

Dr Luke Riley
Head of Innovation