Enabling a new generation of supply chains

In today’s globally interconnected sourcing and trading environment, fast, secure and cost-efficient supply chains are essential. Yet many still rely on paper-based processes, making them slow, costly and susceptible to fraud. While blockchain technology is making progress in addressing these problems, the real breakthrough will come when supply chains can connect, seamlessly and securely, with financial and payment systems.

Opening up marketplaces to new ways of funding capital purchases

Blockchain technology has the potential to bring the trade finance market into a new era by providing stakeholders and participants with access to swappable digital assets and stablecoins, while automating complex processes and enabling payment and settlement choices which did not previously exist.

The challenge

Supply chains and financial systems use different blockchains, which cannot easily interoperate. Until this challenge of interoperability is met, the full potential of blockchain for supply chains and trade finance will not be realised.

The solution

By introducing complete DLT interoperability, Quant eliminates the problem at source. By allowing seamless connectivity of each participant’s systems and networks, stakeholders are not forced onto the same single-DLT instance, and can have all the benefits of an interlinked ledger without the complexity of multiple infrastructure. We facilitate:

  • Reducing friction in international trade (RFIT)
  • Integrated payments across the supply chain

Building blocks

Our solutions for supply chain and trade finance are built using our patent-pending products:

Explore the future

Supply chains and trade finance around the world are being reimagined using blockchain. Find out why.

Interoperability solved

Reduce costs and access wider markets by deploying any app on any blockchain. That’s the power of our single, standard, multi-chain API.

Developers unleashed

Develop on Overledger without specialist
blockchain knowledge.

Built for enterprises

Led by an experienced team from large corporate, financial and regulatory institutions, we enable existing financial infrastructure to operate with new decentralised networks.

Designed for the future

With our blockchain-agnostic approach, your existing infrastructure investments are protected. And the door is open to future cross-platform applications.

The future of finance. Today.