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The blockchain market  is expected to grow to $39.7bn by 2025 because it has the potential to deliver immense benefits across almost any industry. New revenue streams are being created, costs cut, and risks mitigated.


Blockchain market value forecast for 2025


Most of the world’s central banks are experimenting with digital currencies, while commercial banks are issuing tokenised money of their own.


Blockchain makes payments more flexible and secure, whether in digital or fiat currency. It allows for digital payments, programmability, faster FX and trade settlement and more.

Supply chain

Blockchain is streamlining supply chains in procurement, logistics, inventory management, provenance, customs, and payments.

Capital markets

Assets of all kinds – both physical and digital – are being tokenised. Issuers are gaining access to entire new pools of liquidity, while investors are diversifying their portfolios in ways they could only dream of just a few years ago.

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