Why Authorise?

Traditional banking’s key management and transaction
signing lack the robustness and flexibility needed for blockchain.


With Authorise, you can generate keys and verify transactions; you can rely on trusted and proven technology to manage all the complexity and deliver their requests seamlessly.


Instead of relying on SDKs for each environment, your developers can connect Authorise to Overledger endpoints and request keys and transaction processing via our rails.


Authorise was successfully deployed during
Project Rosalind to enable authorisation signing for the experimental UK CBDC.


Authorise is multichain, like Overledger, and processes signatures and keys onto public or private chains, now and in the future.


Configure Authorise according to your organisation’s rules engines and AI and let it handle key management via proven orchestration whilst you keep control of your users’ keys.

Discover how Authorise can
integrate easily with your systems.

Security: It’s in our DNA.

Discover Authorise.

Blockchain adoption is challenging. Overledger Authorise simplifies handling transaction signing
and configuration for each network, making it faster and easier for businesses and developers.


To learn more about Quant and Overledger Authorise, visit our frequently asked questions page.

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