The latest release of Overledger provides support for the Ethereum London hard fork.

EIP-1559 is expected to lead to faster transaction processing times and lower fees, which Overledger 2.1.1 users will benefit from. And because the latest version of Overledger has transparent backward compatibility, developers can carry on using Ethereum networks that have not implemented EIP-1559.

The underlying technology stack and framework versions of Overledger have been upgraded with this release and improvements have been made to APIs to:

  • Enhance Open API 3.0 compliance
  • Clarify array definitions and validations
  • Clearly define string parameters and validations
  • Ensure ‘schemes’ are clearly defined as HTTPS only  

With Overledger 2.1.1, API documentation for requests, responses and examples are generated programmatically and made accessible on
Lastly, Quant has implemented the backend functionality that will allow developers to pay for license fees using Metamask. The outstanding UI changes and integrations will be part of a future release.

For more details, see the full release notes: Release notes 2.1.1

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