New release includes architectural changes for upcoming smart contract functionality

Quant’s Overledger is the world’s leading blockchain gateway providing interoperability between blockchains and a single API. Overledger 2.1.6 establishes the architecture that will be used to automatically create enterprise-grade smart contracts for payments.

There are no customer-facing changes in this release.

Coming soon

Quant’s enterprise-grade smart contracts coming in version 2.1.7 are highly secure and tested, developed by our team of PhDs and verified with our customers. They are designed for financial services applications including credit/debit payments, mint and burn capability, batched payments execution and with other controls for institutional use.

Quant’s smart contracts will be production-ready, meeting ISO/TC 307 standards for blockchain.

We focus on making blockchain technology easy to use. Overledger 2.1.7 will enable customers to create smart contracts for payments and tokenised money.

For more details, see the full release notes: Release Notes 2.1.6
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