​Due to their flexibility and modularity, APIs are an ideal way for a business to start exploring and adopting blockchain technology for specific use cases. With Overledger APIs, any business can adopt blockchain data and benefit from its advantages without replacing the entirety of its systems; and our new smart contracts calling APIs will do just that.

​Overledger V3 read and write APIs will provide Overledger users with the ability to call any of the pre-set functions in their smart contract rather than having to run separate API calls. These functions will vary depending on the functions of the underlying smart contract, such as for Flex or Vari smart tokens.

​Our V3 APIs reflect REST API best practices, making them easier to understand and interact with.

​As an Overledger user, you only need to code your application once and can specify a different location and smart contract ID if you want to communicate with a different network, saving time and effort.

​Some of the tasks facilitated will be checking balances, transferring balances, paying yields, and changing owners via their smart contracts. It is worth noting that users must provide the parameters, addresses, and functions to invoke.

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